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Drivers could be fined for moving out of the way of ambulances

MOTORISTS who enter a bus lane or go through a red light to move out of the way to let an ambulance or police car through could be slapped with a fine. The Highway Code states: “You should look and listen for ambulances, fire engines, police, doctors or other emergency vehicles using flashing blue, red or green lights and sirens, or flashing headlights, or traffic officer and incident support vehicles using flashing amber lights.”

Four year MOT exemption for new cars proposed

The amount of time that new cars are allowed on Britain's roads before requiring an MOT could rise from three to four years, under government proposals. The change could be in effect from 2018 after a public consultation. Northern Ireland and many European nations already have such an exemption. The Department for Transport said safer technology and improved manufacturing means new vehicles stay roadworthy for longer.

If caught speeding you could be fined 150% of your weekly salary

For the most serious speeding cases in England and Wales fines will rise by up to 50% after a review of sentencing guidelines for magistrates' courts. A driver caught doing 41mph in a 20mph zone, or 101mph on a motorway, could be fined 150% of their weekly income. The Sentencing Council said it wanted to ensure a "clear increase in penalty" as the seriousness of offending increases.

Child Car Seats - NEW Laws

So you have probably already heard very confusing whispers throughout last year about the possibility of a change to the child car seat laws, read on to find out if they will affect you....

Drivers caught using phones for first time now face points

Under new government plans drivers in England, Scotland and Wales caught using a mobile phone for the first time will automatically receive penalty points. Previously, motorists in some police force areas could avoid points by taking a remedial driving course. However ministers believe it is not a tough enough measure to deter people from using a hand-held phone while driving.

Sharp rise in speeding tickets on 'smart motorways'

The introduction of smart motorways has seen a big rise in speeding fines. According to data collated by the BBC's The One Show, between 2010 and 2015, fixed penalties issued on smart sections increased from 2,000 to a whopping 52,000. There are more than 236 miles of smart motorways in England, which use the hard shoulder and variable speed limits to control traffic flow. The government says they are not there to generate revenue but are used to improve capacity.

Number of under-age drivers crashing on UK roads at 4 year high

Figures show that the number of under-age car drivers involved in crashes on Britain's roads has reached the highest level in four years. Some 91 boys and girls under 17 years old were behind the wheel during accidents last year, according to Press Association analysis of Department for Transport data. This is 30% more when compared to the previous year, and is the most since 103 were recorded in 2011.