Road Angel Gem + Deluxe

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Has helped me avoid at least 1 ticket so far. 4 product stars
"Would have given the gem 5 stars, if not for the camera false alerts. Unit goes off even when there is not a camera around. Spoke to road angel about this, they advised there would have been a camera in the area at some point and this information is retained on their database. Not a deal breaker for me, as its better to be safe than sorry but could not give it the full 5 stars because of this. In first week of owning, received alert from the built in laser detector which prevented a ticket being issued. Overall, very happy. Just wish road angel would not leave camera locations on the database for so long, but a small niggle so would definitely recommend." Charles - 09/09/2015
Great product let down by poor screen quality 3 product stars
"This is a good product as far as functionality is concerned but the screen is next to useless. It is great when dark outside but in even moderate daylight you cannot see the screen. The shade/cover is far too small and more for decoration than usefulness, do not think you can use it without the cable either as the battery life is terrible once the unit is over 6 weeks old. In summary a great product let down by poor/cheap screen an updated version is much needed." Kevin Clarkson - 11/05/2016

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